Photo: Jessica Lehrman

Nikki Lane – “Jackpot” (Singles Going Steady)

What sets Nikki Lane apart from all the other chanteuses wandering the desert lately is how she revels in the grit.

Steve Horowitz: Rockabilly lives! Nikki Lane kicks out the jams with a thumping beat and slightly hiccuped vocals that make the music seem fresh and new. Sure the song is silly, but so is love when it’s right. In an age of cynicism, it’s refreshing to see a video where everything works out for the best. The Vegas scenery, the Elvis impersonator, and such fit the song. Dreams may not always be real, but one can’t hit the jackpot unless one is willing to take chances. Lane’s music dares to look backward as the path towards the future. [8/10]

Adriane Pontecorvo: What sets Nikki Lane apart from all the other chanteuses wandering the desert lately is how she revels in the grit. On “Jackpot”, she flourishes under the glaring neon lights of Las Vegas, ever the free-riding queen of outlaw country. The track itself is a quick, fun fantasy that throws all cares to the hot Nevada winds and Lady Luck herself. “Love don’t come till you lay it on down the line,” Lane belts, and she sure makes it sound like it’s worth a gamble. [8/10]

Paul Carr: The first lady of outlaw country continues on her path of reimagining the ’70s outlaw country of Waylon Jennings for a contemporary audience. On “Jackpot”, Lane imagines selling her guitar and cutting loose in Sin City. She ticks every Vegas cliche in a tale of rebellious mischief from getting lucky at the crap tables to getting married by an Elvis impersonator. However, the song is anything but cliche as it is a restless, free spirited country song, filled to the brim with vim and vigour. However, behind the seemingly cavalier and frivolous sentiment, this is a touching love song about living for the moment with the one you love. [7/10]

Chris Ingalls: A nice piece of upbeat, bluesy Americana that doesn’t fall into the usual stylistic derivative trap. The band really cooks, and the song itself is smartly written. Like all the best songs about America, there’s tons of locale name-dropping, making it sound like a long-lost Chuck Berry single. It’s that good. [9/10]

Scott Zuppardo: Sultry, country rocking Nikki Lane is the Wanda Jackson of our generation. The video rules too, Telecasters Forever. [8/10]

Nikki Lane’s new album, Highway Queen releases 17 February and is available for pre-order.

SCORE: 8.00