Noble Kin Issues Contemplative Rumination With "Yesterday's Broadcast" (premiere)

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How to go about looking for the lost parts of yourself? Noble Kin provides some suggestions in this off-kilter, art pop single.

Noble Kin is the Brooklyn-based project of singer-songwriter Keith Polasko. The new full-length Let the End Times Roll arrives November 9. In the meantime, fans can enjoy the latest single, "Yesterday's Broadcast", a blend of lo-fi and art pop that finds Polasko in fine voice and contemplating the wreckage of their past with the hope of moving forward. It's a slice of fast-moving, thought-provoking emotions that proves impossibly infectious.

"Phantom limbs occur after amputation sometimes," Polasko says. "You lose an arm or leg but the sensation of attachment remains. Likewise, you can try to let go of a toxic past but often it's impossible to fully escape the insidious effects of abuse or codependence. While it's possible to move on with life, lingering self-doubt can cause a stealth confusion and indecision. Simply trying to go about your business feels frustratingly like flipping on a radio that only tunes in to old irrelevant broadcasts. This song is meant to acknowledge all that and also encourage broken people to keep recovering the parts of themselves they've lost."

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