Photo: Valerie Fremin Photography / Courtesy of Conqueroo

Americana’s Nobody’s Girl Are “Riding Out the Storm” on Their New Single (premiere)

Americana trio Nobody's Girl's new single E "Riding Out the Storm" reflects on the menacing hardships that threaten to curtail progress.

It’s always difficult to endure a period of hardship. What’s even more difficult is envisioning a favorable outcome when one is smack-dab in the middle of experiencing challenges. But according to the Austin-based trio Nobody’s Girl, it is possible to persist. Singer-songwriters Rebecca Loebe, Grace Pettis, and BettySoo’s first single “Riding Out the Storm” reflects on the menacing hardships that threaten to curtail progress. Yet the single assuredly reminds listeners that an individual can survive.

The track begins with the acknowledgment that surrender is effortless and there’s no satisfaction when you “hit the floor, slam the cellar door”. Instead, one’s power is found in perseverance. Their optimism rings forward with lush, layered vocals when they sing, “I’m driving, trying to make it five miles more.” Their use of both literal and figurative meaning gives their lyrics depth without losing focus of the track’s viewpoint.

“Riding Out the Storm” is deeply understandable. When they sing “Someone say to me, I am worth saving”, it represents the existential crisis affiliated by so many individuals. Their lyric is not a plea for pity but more of a self-affirmation. Nobody’s Girl themselves that even the severest figurative storm will capitulate. A helpful suggestion to centralize during any period of malaise. Their debut EP, Waterlines, is slated for release in September from Lucky Hound Music.