NOUS Takes Listeners on Majestic Post-Rock Journey With “Nighten Gale” (premiere)

Composer Christopher Bono returns with cast of impossibly talented players, including Laurie Anderson and Swans alumni, for the second improvisational NOUS album. Hear the new track "Nighten Gale".

NOUS II is the upcoming the second album from the improvisational NOUS project and will be released via Our Silent Canvas. The record arrives 6 December.

Founder Christopher Bono (Ghost Against Ghost) moves the collective into post-rock and ambient territory on this latest set with a sense of spontaneity and focus. Joined by Greg Fox (Ben Frost, Guardian Alien), Shahzad Ismaily (Yoko Ono, Laurie Anderson), Thor Harris (Swans, Amanda Palmer), and Grey McMurray (So Percussion), NOUS exhibit their penchant for heart-stopping minimalism and meditative musings on the new single, “Nighten Gale”.

Bridging the distance between the rock and classical worlds, “Nighten Gale” stands as a testament to the ensemble’s ambitions and its ability to make said ambitions reality.