Nova Materia Show Their Mettle with "Nov Power" (premiere)

Photo: Philippe Lévy

The French/Chilean Nova Materia electronic duo shade bright club rhythms with echoes of their post-punk past on "Nov Power".

Caroline Chaspoul and Eduardo Henriquez previously played together in the rock band Panico, which had a foot in both France and Chile, their respective home countries. Now the two are making electronic music with actual rocks and metals under the name Nova Materia. "Nov Power" is the first song taken from the duo's debut album, which will come out in September on the Belgium-based Crammed Discs label. The calling card track begins in straightforward, catchy dance music territory, but soon subverts its own simplicity. "People, we got awesome powers!" they rally, but unsettling echoes encroach through the second half, heavy grey clouds that Chaspoul and Henriquez push back and hold at bay.

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