Post-Rock's Oh Hiroshima Provide Emotional Release With 'Oscillation' (album stream) (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
Photo: Gustaf Elfstrand / Freeman Promotions

Sweden post-rockers Oh Hiroshima return with their first album in four years. Though some of the sounds are familiar, the band escape cliches and emerge with a deeply satisfying LP. Hear it in full ahead of tomorrow's release.

Oh Hiroshima return with their third album, Oscillation, which arrives after a period of four years of hard labor. With layers of chiming, dreamlike guitars that will appeal to fans of both heavy metal and post-rock, the opening "Neu" eases listeners into a journey that includes the frequently haunting, always inventive "A Handful of Dust", the meditative and mighty "Dark Room Aesthetic", and the cinematic "In Solar". Mastered by Cult of Luna's Magnus Lindberg, Oscillation is ever-expansive, never claustrophobic and tempers light with dark and the deeply emotional with the pleasantly intellectual. The wait for this album has been more than worth it and those just arriving to the party have plenty of time (and reasons) to work their way backward through the Oh Hiroshima discography.

"It feels great to finally be able to share the results of our labor," the band says. We wish you all a joyful listen!"

Oscillation releases 26 July via Napalm Records.

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