Oil Boom - "Terribility" (video) (premiere)

Photo: Annie Nelson

Dallas' Oil Boom offers up sweet-style glam, T. Rex-like bubblegum or what a vintage video game scored by Jeff Lynne might sound like on "Terribility".

Oil Boom is a rock band with a sense of humor but also a deep well of great songs. The Dallas outfit's last album, Terribility, demonstrates this with plenty of smile-inducing guitar playing and riffs and rhythms that are impossible to forget. The latest offering from that disc, which released on 20 October, is the title track. In its inimitable style, the group has created a video that perfectly encapsulates the mood of the song.

You could call it sweet-style glam, T. Rex-like bubblegum (in the best sense) or what a vintage video game scored by Jeff Lynne might sound like. Then again, you could just chalk it up to Oil Boom's knack for knowing how to see into your soul and transport you to the kind of rock 'n' roll heaven you don't have to die to enter.

Guitarist Ryan Taylor's sense of humor is as evident in his music as it is in his reflection on the group's new video. "It seems of late that our culture is reaching peak terribility in basically every sphere," he says. “And what better time to document that than with a song that makes absolutely no sense and is just a bunch of random words (good, bad, dumb, sad) strung together amidst a video backdrop of assorted CD-ROM computer graphics/fonts? Rickey Kinney, AKA Squanto, directed this and if he doesn't get a 2018 Dove Award for editing, we riot.

There may be a riot, but one might suggest that it'll be to get down to the next Oil Boom gig or when iTunes runs out of copies of Terribility.

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