Okokon: Turkson Side

Okokon offers a layered exploration of electronic soundscapes.
Turkson Side
Other People

Okokon’s music is constantly surprising, as shown in the psychedelic sonic ricochet of “Asphalt”. This music is full of moments of introspection alongside the trancelike rhythms, allowing space for the menace of its bleak soundscapes to truly sink in. “Cushion” offers an eerily danceable hook, while “Host” is like freeze-dried, reconstituted Mingus for deep space explorers. Okokon explores the endless potential of electronic music to flesh out and layer ideas through neurotic repetition; disembodied voices float through carnivalesque atmospheres, and electronic drumbeats echo across radio static. Each of these musical sketches evokes mingled emotions — isolation, bittersweet hope, uncertainty. “Sargassum” closes a standout album with an electrifying mixture of modernity and tradition, with chimes, drums, and keyboards sparkling through a warm, nostalgic production haze.

RATING 8 / 10