The Old Adage Celebrates the Joy of Being True to Yourself on "I Just Wanna Be Me" (premiere)

Sibling synthpop duo the Old Adage are known for their mix of lush and layered aural tableaus peppered with anthemic surges. Mimi and Nino Chavez maintain that aesthetic in their latest single, "I Just Wanna Be Me", a tune nearly defiant in its jubilant assertion of being true to oneself.

Over Nino's quirky beats, finger snap percussion, and spiraling synth melodies, Mimi bends her supple vocals in championing individual authenticity. The song is the first of six singles the band plans to release in 2018, which will then be compiled onto an EP at year's end.

Mimi described the personal nature of the song's inspiration and its affirmation of being comfortable in one's own skin.

"I always felt so different and like a weird kid," she said. "I just never 'fit in.' I think that is one thing that many people struggle with for a big part of their lives, and some for their whole lives. I think it's sad that we are valued upon our status and financially and where we stand in society when we should really be looking into people more as individuals and the life experiences they have to offer and to learn from."

Writing the song helped her attain more self-acceptance, she added.

"I think life is about creating yourself and being YOU," she said. "I don't think there's anything more special than that, us, and our weirdo uniqueness that's makes us who we are. I hope it can help other people love that more about themselves too."

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