Old Man Canyon "Run Away" with New Synthpop Single Ahead of 'A Grand Facade' (premiere)

Photo: Cody Briggs / Courtesy of Hive Mind PR

With Jett Pace's hazy, sweet vocals at its center, Old Man Canyon's latest single gives into electronic leanings with a smorgasbord of delectable percussive synths.

Nearly three years ago, PopMatters lauded Old Man Canyon's Delirium for its incorporation of "old-school acid rock vibes" into its sun-spotted, psychedelic sound. Flash forward to 2018, and the Vancouver-based outfit are gearing up for the release of something all-new. It's coming in the form of A Grand Facade, taking their knack wistful arrangements and quivering synths while delving deeper into an electronic sound. Polished up while the band was vacationing in California's deserts, their latest work feels like the hazy, sun-washed warmth that such an environment naturally evokes.

Inundated with sprightly, off-kilter keys and muted, acidic percussion, Old Man Canyon's new single from the forthcoming LP is just as much of a psychedelic trip as one could expect. Between shifting tempos and wiggling synth, groovy funk footnotes dance in the lower corners of the band's arrangement, cropping up from time to time as appetizing rhythmic teasers of what might come. There is no shortage of new instrumental ticks being introduced to the tune as it builds on, a staple melody being brought to its center by project mastermind Jett Pace's hazy, sweet vocals that keeps it all together.

Pace states, "This song is written as a conversation between someone and their future self, a version of themselves that's attained all they wish to be and know. It's the inner dialogue that follows a revelation, and that compulsion to run and abandon everything to avoid real resolution."

Old Man Canyon's A Grand Facade releases on 16 November.

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