Old Man Luedecke: Proof of Love

Old Man Luedecke
Proof of Love
Black Hen

Old Man Luedecke (who’s given name is Chris) is a Canadian banjo player who has taken Americana folk music north of the border to show us how it’s done. With all that wide open land up there, it makes sense that a Canuck would take so well to rural sounds. The style he performs might be most commonly associated with the hills of Eastern America, but the plink-plonking twangs of his four-string tenor banjo and his even voice seem especially resonant when imagined against the hard tundra and endless expanses of the Nova Scotia countryside Luedecke calls home. On his sophomore album, Proof of Love, he and his minimal backing band pick and strum their way through 11 warm-yet-moody and keenly observed original tunes, plus two traditional numbers that blend in seamlessly with Luedecke’s timeless sensibilities.

RATING 7 / 10