Oneohtrix Point Never – “Animals” (Singles Going Steady)

Smooth and uncanny, Oneohtrix Point Never's latest single entrances and intrigues.

Andrew Paschal: I have to confess that I never made it as far as “Animals” when attempting to navigate the glitchy noise of last year’s Garden of Delete, intrigued though I was by its thematic exploration of adolescence and identity. I’m grateful to have the second chance to get to know this amazing track, however. “Animals” is downright pretty, and also tragic, with harpsichord-like keys elliptically framing the pitch-altered, futuristic eulogy of what I suppose should still be called vocals. This is one of the most emotionally direct and gratifying tracks I’ve heard from Oneohtrix Point Never, and I’m now considering giving this album a second chance now that I know it does indeed pay off to stick with its challenges. [9/10]

Adriane Pontecorvo: Future sounds go baroque as organs, strings, and robots get eerie. Smooth and uncanny, Oneohtrix Point Never’s latest single entrances and intrigues, with a video that is probably Val Kilmer’s best work in years for its jarring simplicity. “Animals” is otherworldly and low-gravity. Everything feels upside down, stretched and terrifying, and cool electronics only make everything even stranger. It’s alien classical music for a wary world. [8/10]

Scott Zuppardo: Val Kilmer! I’m shocked that of all things musically this would be his bag. Val looks like he just officiated the Rock Steady Crew’s official B’boy battle clad in a dope tracksuit and day glow kicks and then promptly consumed one too many Xanax. Pretty interesting experimental electronica, entrancing and transient. makes me want to clean my room. [6/10]

SCORE: 7.67

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