The Oshima Brothers
Photo: Jamie Oshima / Courtesy of Sideways Media

Oshima Brothers Cast Cool and Crafty Vibes on “Dance with Me” (premiere)

On “Dance with Me”, indie-pop duo the Oshima Brothers create an impressive self-made music video to match their cunning and infectious music.

The Oshima Brothers, Sean and Jamie, have been making music together since childhood. They’re often depicted as a self-made boy band. They offer innovative performances featuring vocal harmonies, live looping, foot percussion, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboard, and bass—often simultaneously. Now, Oshima Brothers are casting a cool spell with the vibey atmospheric of “Dance with Me”. It’s a grooving, low-key tune that runs flush to their roots-pop moniker well, heavily influenced by R&B with a dash of their folksier origins.

Oshima Brothers ride the song’s slinky, electric refrain with impressive, self-choreographed dancing in the music video. It features shots of the brothers at work on the tune, cleverly converged to showcase several takes on the same two guys at once. It’s breezy and charmingly vintage.

Sean Oshima tells PopMatters, “When your brother says, ‘Let’s film a video where we do it all ourselves: a synchronized dance, choreography, filming, singing, directing, recording, and waltzing with the puppy… it will be super easy’—do not believe him! It could take you as long as this video took us. It’s a wild ride about all the hats we wear as a DIY boy band.”   

“Dance with Me” is featured on their Golden EP. 2, out now, and will also be included on their second LP, Dark Nights Golden Days, due out 1 April. The album combines their Dark and Golden EPs, plus four new songs and three compositions.



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