Pablo Dylan Teases New EP With "The Finest Somersault" (premiere)

The sometimes stylistically restless Pablo Dylan returns with an epic tale told in two minutes about one world dying and another coming to life.

Imagine a loud, raucous rock 'n' roll band led by a vocalist weaned on the finest classic and Beat poets and a love of heart-razing electric guitars. Somewhere in there, there's a lyrical collage that draws from pop culture's finest, a narrative that's entertaining and elusive. Maybe we've heard it before; maybe it's as fresh and refreshing as Leonard Cohen seeping through the neighbor's wall. In this case, it's Pablo Dylan and the song "The Finest Somersault", from his upcoming EP of the same name. The record arrives on February 8.

Dylan has been experimenting with a number of styles over the years, hopping genres and finding time to collaborate with a string of artists including Erykah Badu, ASAP Rocky, OG Maco, D.R.A.M., and Brent Faiyaz. The Finest Somersault sounds nothing like those collaborations and instead serves as a snapshot of an artist tapping into something that brings the traditional into the present moment.

With a bent for the grand, Dylan said of the new song, "It's a proclamation that the old world is dead and that a new world shall soon replace it. And I figured I would address that old world one last time. For far too long our culture has been defined by such triviality, and for the EP I wanted to make a group of songs that stood to reality rather than the notion of what we want to be or do."

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