Photo: ArtBoyDancing / Denovali Records

Paco Sala Modernize Synthpop on ‘Our Love Is the Gold’ (album stream) (premiere)

Paco Sala's experimental synthpop blossoms on their third album, Our Love Is the Gold, wherein they produce entrancing, thinking person's pop music.

Berlin/London experimental synthpop duo Paco Sala have received critical acclaim for their twisted and haunting electronic pop music. This isn’t the pop fluff of the top of the charts, but music that re-imagines pop as a darker entity, one that can be as searching and restless as any other genre in the hands of true creatives. Paco Sala are a superb fit for the Denovali label, which only ever serves up forward-looking music.

Now the duo are set release their latest album, Our Love Is the Gold, on 26 April via Denovali and we are pleased to present the whole work for advance listening. It’s Paco Sala’s third album and one that was written over four years and concerns a move away from London and the start of a new life. The group often sports an ethereal dream pop approach with hazy vocals atop gentle beats, glitches, and synth washes, as evident on “Montezuma”, “If I Come Along, If I Come Alone”, and many other album tracks. Meanwhile, the practiced minimalism of the music suits the starkness of our era. Paco Sala produce entrancing, thinking person’s pop music.