Palm Haze's "Almost Soon" Is Noisy, Shoegazey, and Delightful (premiere)

Photo: Marie Catafesta / Girlie Action

Brazilian-born, Canadian-based duo Palm Haze deliver a deliciously weighty bit of goth-cum-shoegaze that feels like this could be one of your new favorite bands.

Formed in Ilhabela, Brazil and now based in Vancouver, Canada, Palm Haze offer up a delicious, hammering bit of fuzzy, noisy shoegaze-inspired fun via the track "Almost Soon", culled from the duo's upcoming album, Rêve Bleu, due 30 August via Detroit's YHS Records. Clanging, clattering and capable of enveloping the listener's ears in a narcotic-like embrace, "Almost Soon" is perfectly balanced between the emotional heft of the Cure at their heaviest (think: Pornography) and the brilliant, cathartic drive of My Bloody Valentine. "Almost Soon" is available everywhere 26 July.

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