Photo: Stephan Abry / Courtesy of Motormouth Media

Chill Producer Pantha du Prince Shares New Video “Pius in Tacet”

Mesmerizing, electronic producer Pantha du Prince returns with a new video, "Pius in Tacet", and he has a new LP around the corner, Conference of Trees, out 6 March.

Producer Pantha du Prince has just released a new video for the single “Pius in Tacet”, which will appear on the chill artist’s upcoming LP, Conference of Trees, out 6 March via Modern Recordings. As usual, Pantha du Prince has an intense interest in the natural world, and that is conveyed through the beautiful nature scenes in the video and the earth-like electronic tones that the composer creates.

Pantha du Prince’s music possesses its trademark warmth here with chiming electronics echoing our planetary sounds. Masked men and earth creatures roam the forest in a cold landscape, and yet you feel cozy cocooned inside the producer’s music. Fans of The Triad and Black Noise will be thrilled come March.


1. Approach in a Breeze

2. Transparent Tickle Shining Glace

3. Holding the Oak

4. When We Talk

5. Roots Making Family

6. The Crown Territory

7. Supernova Space Time Drift

8. Silentium Larix

9. Pius In Tacet

10. Lichtung