Photo courtesy of Earshot Media

paris_monster Juxtaposes the Unexpected With “Moles” (premiere)

Soul, noise, pop, and more hover around each other in paris_monster's "Moles", a song that traverses a multitude of distances while blending it all seamlessly.

paris_monster combines unexpected elements in its sound, fusions of garage rock and soul come together with the aggression of noise while the soothing sounds of synthesized pop hover somewhere in the distance. This is all on display via the duo’s latest track, “Moles”, which arrives ahead of the album Lamplight, due by early 2019.

The artiness and artfulness of “Moles” suggests that paris_monster is capable of subverting our notions about popular music in the post-postmodern era. Contemporary musical machinery provides the backbone of the song as tales of bygone eras and modern life swirl together, juxtaposing images of the primitive and the return to the primitive, the sparseness of the past and the inevitable scarcities visited upon us in the future.


SEP 14 Public Arts New York, NY

SEP 19 Old Blue Last London, United Kingdom

SEP 20 Prince Albert Brighton, United Kingdom

SEP 22 The Cube Great Malvern, United Kingdom

SEP 24 Rough Trade Bristol, United Kingdom

SEP 25 The Lantern Halifax, United Kingdom

SEP 26 Sound Food & Drink Liverpool, United Kingdom

SEP 27 The Hug and Pint Glasgow, United Kingdom

SEP 28 Newcastle Think Tank Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

SEP 29 Hyde Park Book Club Leeds, United Kingdom

OCT 3 La Machine – Place Saint Géry Brussels, Belgium

OCT 11 Jazz Dock Prague, Czech Republic

OCT 16 Chat Noir Club Carouge, Switzerland OCT 18 Chop Shop- Chicago (with
Louis Cole/Knower) OCT 19 El Club- Detroit, MI (with Louis Cole/Knower)

NOV 10 EJMA Auditorium Lausanne, Switzerland

NOV 14 Auster-Club LYA Berlin, Germany

NOV 16 FRI Paard The Hague, Netherlands