Pariuh Wonder “Who Am I Going to Talk to Everyday?” on New EP (premiere)

The itchy Miami sound machine launch a saturated burst with Family Witchcraft Attack.

Miami’s Pariuh are following up their 2016 album Passed Lives’ Excessive Future with the Family Witchcraft Attack EP, which will be released on the Chicago-based label Moniker Records.

Equal parts angst and whimsy, “Who Am I Going to Talk to Everyday?” is the first single from the EP, and it brings the tight four-song cycle to a close that is as jolting as it began. The parting salvo embraces the channel-flipping-child aesthetic like a boa constrictor, leaving little room for air between the obsolete keyboards, “1950’s ‘Star Trek’ vibraphone”, mechanized punk beat, and the maxed-out vocals of singer/drummer Chris Dougnac. Electric meta-youth of today, Pariuh revel in melting down yesterday’s plastic future.