Patrick Sweany Looks Back on the "Old Time Ways" (premiere)

Photo: Michael Weintrob

Blues rocker Patrick Sweany laments the "Old Time Ways" that things used to be done on this explosively soulful new track.

Turning in a quality blend of blues and rock music for just around 30 years, Patrick Sweany is a certifiable Americana veteran. Yet, with as many albums and as many live performances as he's turned in over the years, he's still finding new ways to innovate his sound. With his new LP, Ancient Noise, on the horizon via Nine Mile, Sweany is sharing some fresh material with fans prior to its 11 May release date. One such tune he's debuting ahead of time is "Old Time Ways".

Longtime fans of Sweany will feel right at home with this song, wherein he's able to set down heavy layers of bluesy grit in venerable fashion. There's more to this searing song than the same-old. Sweany's trademark swampy grit certainly takes a front-seat here, but we're also being treated to an almost anthemic progression as the song kicks into its chorus that will have folks singing along jubilantly at shows.

The song makes its mark with electrifying instances of slide guitar with an impassioned vocal delivery wherein Sweany looks back on "Old Time Ways" and laments that they're never coming back. When it comes to certain things, he's unapologetically old-school, and he doesn't care who knows it. For someone who looks to the past with his album's opening track, Sweany is sure forward-looking when it comes to the musical direction of this explosive, new tune.

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