Paul Kelly - “Keep On Coming Back For More (feat. Clairy Brown)" (audio) (Premiere)

Soul singer Paul Kelly brings a whole bevy of talented singers to cover his tunes for his new album The Merri Soul Sessions. Powerhouse vocalist Clairy Brown gives a spirited rendition of "Keep On Coming Back for More".

Following a long and productive career, soul singer/songwriter Paul Kelly has taken to looking back on his musical legacy in the form of his new album The Merri Soul Sessions. Beginning as a series of 7" singles, the sessions find Kelly and a whole host of collaborators re-interpreting many of his well-established tunes. For the track "Keep On Coming Back For More", Kelly brought vocalist Clairy Brown, who gives the song a palpable injection of vivacity.

Kelly tells PopMatters this wry little bit about the tune, "You could say 'Keep On Coming Back For More' is inspired musically by the Roots and lyrically by Shakespeare's Sonnet 147 'My love is as a fever longing still for that which longer nurseth the disease.' You could say that. Or you could say something else."

Brown adds, "What a great honor to be part of the Merri Soul Sessions. It was an unexpected but welcome opportunity. The experience was very special, being asked to sing one of Paul Kelly's songs and record with all those talented folks. When someone so iconic wants you to interpret their art it's a deeply personal experience. It's a gift. The guys in Paul’s band are so great. Everyone involved was super awesome to work with and I'm buzzed to have had the chance to take part in it. Kira Puru is my boo and I have been dying to work with her on a record and tour with her so this opportunity is too perfect! The tour will be special, no doubt. Looking forward to hitting the road with such talented people and seeing what we can give to the audience each night."

The Merri Soul Sessions will be out in February 2015. Physical copies can still be ordered through Kelly's PledgeMusic site for the album.

Watch an in-studio performance of "Keep On Coming Back For More":

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