Pauline Andrès Shows Adversity Her Tough Side on "Good Grace" (premiere)

Americana artist Pauline Andrès brings a grungy inflection to her rocking new song about bravely fighting back against challenges on the road less traveled.

Invoking elements of rock, Americana, and timeless balladry into her work, singer-songwriter Pauline Andrès will be bringing her Nashville noir to a full-length album early next month. On 2 February, the coal miner's daughter originally from France is releasing Fearless Heart, which will showcase her musical eclecticism for all to hear.

Prior to this, Andrès is bringing PopMatters readers the first listen of her latest track, "Good Grace". The song exhibits her more rock-tinged tendencies, her compelling, smoky vocals carrying the grungier arrangement. Despite its darker flavor, the song is ultimately hopeful since it is meant to show Andrès' strength in the face of adversity.

Andrès tells PopMatters: "This is probably the track that most directly conveys the spirit of the record: Fall down. Get back up. Repeat. Until you stand on your own two feet for good, which is the sweetest revenge against those who let you down. It's about keeping faith in the darkest hours.

"That's what we tried to translate through the arrangement with a mix of heavy guitars and a bittersweet church inspired organ part. I wrote the song when I was really down on my luck and some close people had disappointed, including my ex who inspired the bridge lines: 'And if prayer alone won't do, it's more help than I ever got from you.' I'm not religious at all, but I'm a believer. I don't know if Jesus saves but believing in something does."

Soon, Andrès will be following up the release of this track with a music video that was shot in a church. In the meantime, those who like what they hear can pre-order Fearless Heart in physical or digital format.

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