Photo: Richmond Lam

Montreal’s Paupière Deliver Debut Album, ‘À Jamais Privé De Réponses’ (album stream)

Montreal synthpop trio Paupière builds excitement with arty, thoughtful songs that stir the imagination as often as inspiring us to move our feet.

Montreal’s Paupière issues its debut album on 7 September. Titled À Jamais Privé de Réponses (Forever Prevented of Responses), this collection of 12 synthpop songs, interrupted thoughts and ambiguous statements will provide listeners with plenty to dissect and imagine, a playful and intelligent stroll through artistic ambition that is ambitious and unpretentious.

The trio consists of Julia Daigle, Eliane Préfontaine, and Pierre-Luc Begin who add elements of French chanson into the already heady mix of English synthesizer music, dosing those sounds with more than a share of romantic inclinations. Music lovers no longer need to gaze back romantically at the late 1960s or early 1970s to bask in the glow of sometimes darkly romantic French language music as Paupière ushers in a new age of excitement via À Jamais Privé de Réponses.

One can hear an evolution from the group‘s 2016 EP Jeunes Instants (Young Instances) here, the movement from an exciting new musical unit to a confident powerhouse becomes apparent while the music deepens and the exhilaration escalates.

À Jamais Privé de Réponses is out September 7 via Libson Lux and may be pre-ordered.