Peaches: Impeach My Bush

Impeach My Bush
XL Recordings

In 2002, Peaches asked us to “Fuck the Pain Away”, now she’s looking for “Two Guys (Every Girl)”. Exuding a level of sexuality that would not just give John Ashcroft a coronary, but would probably make Prince blush as well. This is clear from the opening tune. In less than a minute, Peaches lays down the law. “I’d rather fuck who I want to want / Than kill who I am told to,” she chants over a heavy, syncopated beat. This direct political statement — echoed in the album title, Impeach My Bush — never gets in the way. For Peaches, the politics of liberation extend beyond her own self into our society at large.

That’s followed up with “Tent in Your Pants”, which is a rather self-explanatory hit of deep funk. The music is minimal throughout, mainly just the beat, a simple bass-heavy melody and Peaches’ own observations on life, relationships, and sex. Lots and lots of sex. This all builds up to “Two Guys (for Every Girl)”, written in response to all of the two girls/one guy tunes on the market. “I wanna see you do your little nasty brother”, she sings at one point, followed soon after by: “Just remember, an ass is an ass.” Wise words, Peaches. Wise words.

All of this is played out against a spare, but extremely catchy backbeat. Peaches actually expands her musical palate here, employing a number of classic analogue electronics and old-school gear (808s rule), along with some guest artists, including live drumming and guitars. In fact, there is more than a passing similarity to Prince circa Dirty Mind and Controversy, when Prince was weird and funky, instead of just being weird. On “Downtown”, Peaches comes off as a member of Vanity 6 who realizes that she doesn’t have to follow anyone’s orders anymore.

All of Impeach My Bush has a “fuck you all, I’m gonna do what I want to” vibe, loaded with enough dirty sexuality, social consciousness and attitude to remind us all that rock ‘n’ roll isn’t dead, it’s just changed — in this case, certainly for the better.

RATING 8 / 10