Pedro Soler and Gaspar Claus - "Cuerdas Al Viento" (audio) (premiere)

Photo: Cyrille Choupas

Cellist Gaspar Claus and guitarist Pedro Soler team up for their second album of stunningly gorgeous flamenco music.

Cellist Gaspar Claus and his father, the renowned flamenco guitarist Pedro Soler, have teamed up for their second album of stunningly gorgeous flamenco music. Al viento pushes flamenco forward with its adventurous spirit and virtuostic musicianship. The early work on the album began in Iceland, which lends its mood to the pieces by infusing a sense of space and wonder and finished in warm colored environment of Spain. "Cuerdas Al Viento" showcases these aesthetics.

The artists tell PopMatters that "originally, this track is from Malaga (in Andalousia) and more specifically from the 'fandangos de levante' genre. Traditionally, this isn't a style of music composed for people to dance to, which in turn gives the guitar and vocals more freedom in the genre. It later became lengthened by 'Verdiales', traditional rhythmic flamenco aimed at celebrating the harvest of "Verdiale" Olives in the countryside."

Pedro Soler and Gaspar Claus' Al viento releases May 13th via Infine-Music.


1. Cuerdas Al Viento (Por Malagueña)

2. Vendaval (Por Buleria)

3. Corazόn De Plata (Por Granaïnas)

4. Sale La Aurora (Por Serrana)

5. Rocío Y Corrales (Por Sevillanas)

6. Silencio Ondulado (Por Tientos) feat. Serge Teyssot-Gay and Matt Elliott

7. Cien Enamorados (Por Petenera)

8. El Sueño De La Petenera

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