Peter Ibbetson Debuts New Track "FortyFour" from Forthcoming EP (premiere)

Photo courtesy of the artist

Peter Ibbetson's "FortyFour" is an impeccably layered slice of modern electronic music with each constituent part expertly spliced together.

If you've read the last edition of Brits in Hot Weather, then you'll already be familiar with the work of producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist, Peter Ibbetson. Recently he has been adding flavorsome, sonic textures and tricky beats as a member of George Fitzgerald's live band but is now gearing up for the release of his debut solo EP, Rivals. After the immersive ambiance of previous single "Wednesday", he offers up the more dancefloor-ready track "FortyFour".

Opening with a circling, polyrhythmic figure, Ibbetson artfully builds a thick veneer of intricately layered synths as light flashes of sound are joined by vivid, twinkling notes. It's a striking opening with Ibbetson able to evoke a real sense of wonder. Suddenly, the winding sonic layers collapse with a jolt as a bass drop and a thumping beat pulls the track into a deep, subterranean cavern. Streams of sparkling, cascading synths like rivulets of fresh water work to re-hydrate the track as Ibbetson gently guides the song back above ground.

As with all of the tracks on Rivals, "FortyFour" is an impeccably layered slice of modern electronic music with each constituent part expertly spliced together. It's intelligent. It's original. It's excellent.

Rivals is out 5th October.

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