Electropop's Petra Glynt Makes a Powerful Statement on "Surveillance" (premiere)

Photo: Alana Devito

Petra Glynt's "Surveillance" is a reaction to the Facebook data scandal and how technology is being used against us.

Electropop/avant pop musician Petra Glynt melds powerful, soaring vocals and politically-driven lyrics with swirling and hard-hitting electronics into a sound that is highly original. Fans of Zola Jesus, the Knife, and Eartheater need to give the Montreal artist some serious spins as they will undoubtedly discover a brilliant new talent that speaks to them. Having toured with musicians like EMA, the Blow, and Doldrums, and receiving praise from the likes of the Fader, Pitchfork, BBC6, and others Petra Glynt is a fast-rising artist. Her latest single "Surveillance" speaks to the omnipresent surveillance state that now exists in a world powered by social media and covered in CCTV, spying governments and data misuse. Hitting on issues that trouble all thinking people, "Surveillance" is a reaction to the Facebook data scandal and how technology is being used against us.

Petra Glynt says, "the darkness and heaviness of this song was a surprise to me as it's the only one of its kind on the album. I wrote it in reaction to the Facebook data scandals and general contempt for how impersonal our personal information has become online. We are actively using these tools, and our data is being funneled into the hands of those who can analyze it and use it to their advantage, against us, and ultimately to make more money. The song is a bit tongue and cheek and big and scary for a reason. Speaking directly to those powers it's saying 'yea, so what you got all this information on me, I know everything about you too' because their intentions are so simplistic: more money. In this way I want them to feel small because we're out here living exciting, colorful lives despite them."

Petra Glynt releases her sophomore record, My Flag Is a Burning Rag of Love, on 7 September via Pleasence Records.


September 27th - Velvet Underground (Night Owl Festival) - Toronto, ON
w/ MIEN, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, Whip Kisser
October 3rd - Spark Art Space - Syracuse, NY
October 4th - Baby's All Right - New York, NY
October 5th - Charlie's American Cafe - Norfolk, VA
October 6th - Capital Ale House - Richmond, VA
October 7th - Songbyrd - Washington, DC
October 8th - Lava - Philadelphia, PA
October 9th - Beachland Tavern - Cleveland, OH
October 10th - Listen Hear - Indianapolis, IN
October 11th - PG - Evansville, IN
October 13th - Nightshop - Bloomington, IL
October 14th - The Whistler – Chicago, IL






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