Photos: Sachyn Mital

Uni Drop Phantasmagoric “Mushroom Cloud” & Draw New Yorkers Out For Wild Experiences

Glam rock trio Uni gained a cult following across NYC with several live shows and are releasing "Mushroom Cloud" at the tail end of 2017.



Uni has arrived on the NYC music scene fully formed. The core trio, Charlotte Kemp Muhl on bass and vocals, David Strange on guitar and Nico Fuzz with lead vocals and guitar, each brings a strong background in music to their band. Kemp Muhl is part of Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (with Sean Lennon) and Strange has worked with Courtney Love and her band. Combined, the group offers classic rock music tinged with glam mixed with a rowdy and daring performance aesthetic.

On 21 November, Uni performed a tight set at Baby’s All Right, where they brought one very amazing special guest… a slithering python that wrapped itself up and around Fuzz’s torso as they performed “Greed”. The serpent ended up on the receiving end of a kiss from Kemp Muhl at the end of the song. As Pancakes & Whiskey noted this song was the epitome of the evening. “With their heavy sound caressing all the reptilian and non-reptilian bodies in the room, whatever effect [Uni] desired was achieved tenfold, and the energy in that moment was cooler than anything you could explain later.”

The band dropped their latest single “Mushroom Cloud” right before the holidays so it may have slipped from your radar. But we’ve got the video below as well as pics from the show at Baby’s.

What’s the Problem
Orgy on the Moon
Mushroom Cloud
American Fag
Adult Video
Your Eyes Say It All
Loves Not All You
Electric Universe