Phillip LaRue - "Lighthouse" (audio) (premiere)

The singer-songwriter broadens his sound but keeps the message simple on his latest track.

Nashville singer-songwriter Phillip LaRue is set to release his third solo album You on 13 November, and listeners can get a taste of the record's musical direction on the new track "Lighthouse". Setting aside the usual folk-based sound for something more grandiose in the vein of Coldplay and Ed Sheeran, LaRue has his sights set on a broader audience with this track. Better yet, though, is the message he gets across in the song.

"I wrote ‘Lighthouse' with a dear friend of mine Chad Cates," LaRue explains. "We were both reflecting on depression and how at times it can convince someone they're nearly worthless. Which is an absolute lie. We wanted to write a song for those that are struggling with this fight or have struggled with it in the past.”

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