Poliça – “Wedding” (Singles Going Steady)

Poliça's "Wedding" is caught in an Orwellian nightmare of shady politics and its intensity builds masterfully.

Stephen Wyatt: Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon’s favorite band, Poliça, returns with a delectable synthpop lament ironically titled “Wedding”. Gayngs’ Ryan Olson and vocalist Channy Leaneagh continue to champion the finest aspects of electronic minimalism, focusing on lining each song with subtle innuendos and bass-driven grooves. Leaneagh’s voice, reminiscent of Blonde Redhead’s Kazu Makino’s come-hither delivery, adds mystery and intrigue to love’s cumbersome deceptions. “Wedding” is far from a joyous celebration of the matrimonial sacrament. It coyly teases fans of Poliça’s with slithery hooks and restrained rhythms, promising of even better songs to come. [7/10]

Chris Pittaway: The best way I can think to describe this track his “dystopiapop”. Dark and oppresive, “Wedding” is caught in an Orwellian nightmare of shady politics and its intensity builds masterfully, with intricate, booming drums and icy, monolithic synths. Channy Leaneagh’s vocals bring an embattled human personality to the mix, adding to the sense of conflict. Heavy stuff. [8/10]

Chad Miller: Good song that does a really good job keeping momentum up, mostly due to the supporting instrumentation that really drives the piece along. Unfortunately, vocals are where the piece falls flat. I don’t know if she was going for a warbled Ellie Goulding imitation, but that’s what she got. This made it particularly hard to understand some of the lyrics. The melody could use a few touchups as well, but a nice buildup to the end makes up for some of that. [5/10]

Ari Rosenschein: Poliça are a Minneapolis band that make pitchy falsetto and unintentional ESL pronunciation sound pretty damn cool. Trendy tribal percussion guides “Wedding” through islands in the stream of consciousness. [6/10]

Dami Solebo: I like how the song doesn’t take much time to get going and is pretty impactful from the jump. Song is on the edge with no come downs. I think the vocals are really effective in setting the tone and although the lyrics aren’t clear, doesn’t really matter. [7/10]

SCORE: 6.60