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PopMatters Seeks Events Writers

We're seeking experienced writers with a diverse range of interests to aid in our coverage of concerts, festivals, theatre, art events, general spectacles, and any other gathering of people that might ensnare the interest of our national audience. More akin to travel pieces than normal reviews, our articles avoid simple recap in favor of exploring greater essence and experience of the work on display. Thus, we're looking for individuals who are comfortable penning analytical pieces that communicate a thorough understanding of events and explore the larger issues surrounding the performers and participants.

Sound like your bag? Are you a super-eclectic culture geek with endless tirades about the deeper cultural meaning of Ashley Simpson's "backing tracks" and the strange celebrity hob-knobbing at Lebron James' pay-to-enter B-day bash? Sweet.

Send links or .doc attachments of two previously published clips with the subject line, "PopMatters: Events Writer Application" (lest we mistake your e-mail for spam and delete it) to:

We also ask that you include your full name and location with your submission, a description of your personal event-related interests, a list of the last five "events" that you've attended, and a pitch for an upcoming national event that you'd like to cover. If you're clips are all in order, we'll ask you to write this idea up as your first piece for the section (for this reason it's important that your pitch not be for something that is to far in the past or future). Only complete applications will be considered.

Note: We are unable to pay you for reviews at this time, but you will not go entirely uncompensated; your 'pay' is the opportunity to address our readership, currently 1 million-plus unique readers per month and counting. Some of our writers have been called upon for their opinion by such media outlets as the BBC, NPR, MSNBC, Radio Australia, and VH1. Also, USA Today.com, Alternet.org, Google News, and Movies.com regularly pick up links to PopMatters articles and post quotes from PopMatters writers.

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