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PopMatters Seeks Sports Writers

PopMatters seeks essays on sports and sport culture as seen from all points of the global playing field.

We're looking for careful analysis of the chosen subject matter with the intention of supporting an original thesis; we are not seeking articles that merely want to promote their subject or rehash box scores. Recognizing that it's never "just a game", PopMatters writers (and readers) understand that sports are particular products of the societies that produce and consume them, and, as such, have much to tell us about the world in which we live.

Ideal essays will situate sports in a socio-cultural context, but present this analysis for a general reader in lively, accessible language. For examples of the diversity of topics and range of approaches we welcome, please have a look at PopMatters features and columns archive.

Please e-mail pitches you'd like us to consider (100-250 words, including your subject, your prospective source material and the gist of your approach to it) along with a brief description of your writing background (with links to clips or published samples if possible) to PopMatters' Sports Editor, Tobias Peterson at peterson at popmatters.com.

Note: We are unable to pay you for your work at this time, but you will not go entirely uncompensated; your 'pay' is the opportunity to address our readership, currently 1 million-plus unique readers per month and counting. Some of our writers have been called upon for their opinion by such media outlets as the BBC, NPR, MSNBC, Radio Australia, and VH1. Also, USA Today.com, Alternet.org, and Movies.com have regularly picked up links to PopMatters articles and posted quotes from PopMatters writers.

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