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PopMatters Seeks World Music Columnist

PopMatters seeks a music columnist who can write about the music of the world with the complexity it deserves. The phrase, 'world music' -- sometimes deemed awkward and perhaps even borderline insulting -- embraces a multitude of musical expressions that reach well beyond the popular Western style. We're looking for someone who can delve into eclectic scenes, cities, and countrysides from Eastern Europe to Cuba; who can discuss overlooked pockets of innovation and influence in Africa, Thailand, and points beyond; who can lend their tasteful ears to the trends of now and rediscover the music of the past and its lasting reach, and turn the whole experience into equally inspiring prose.

No matter where in the world he/she resides, the writer we seek is already quite familiar with PopMatters, and has a solid sense of what we're looking for in content and caliber in these essays. We deliberately use the terms "essays" and "columns" interchangeably; as pieces are broad in scope yet grounded in real-world examples, and they are tied to regular deadlines and an established identity (and therein lay the "columnist" element). To allow time for development of such work, we offer monthly and every-other month columnist slots.

If this opportunity appeals to you, here's how you get started: send links or pdfs to three magazine-style writing samples, preferably published work. Write up a 2-3 paragraph column proposal providing a clearly-defined concept for your column that will guide you through limitless topics. That proposal should include 5 future topics you are eager to write about, should you work as a PopMatters columnist. Indicate why the regular deadline of a column appeals to you over the option of submitting an occasional feature piece for PopMatters' (we're always interested in those, too), as well as which publishing frequency you can work with. Write your first column that, if accepted, will be your debut issue. Provide a few column titles that you think succinctly capture your column concept. Also, provide your bio and any personal information about yourself that you would like to share. Note: Interested writers must apply in the format specified. Proposals not providing complete information, as outlined, will not be considered.

Deadline for submissions is Friday, 6 October. You will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your application.

Send your submission to: Zeth Lundy, Music Columns Editor, lundy at popmatters.com, cc: Karen Zarker, Senior Columns Editor, zarker at popmatters.com, Subject line: PopMatters: World Music Columnist.

Note: We are unable to pay you for your work at this time, but you will not go entirely uncompensated; your 'pay' is the opportunity to address our readership, currently 1 million-plus unique readers per month and counting. Some of our writers have been called upon for their opinion by such media outlets as the BBC, NPR, MSNBC, Radio Australia, and VH1. Also, USA Today.com, Alternet.org, and Movies.com have regularly picked up links to PopMatters articles and posted quotes from PopMatters writers.

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