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PopMatters Seeks Writers for the Comics and Graphic Novels Section

PopMatters is looking for writers for the Comics and Graphic Novels section.

We are looking for people who love the graphic storytelling medium, and who can write about them in an intelligent, critical, yet accessible way. PopMatters reviews examine the trends within the medium, as well as the place of comics within the larger field of popular culture, rather than simply “I like this” or “I hate that”. Our audience is international, diverse, and media savvy, and your writing should appeal to them and explore issues and ideas outside of mainstream commentary.

Writers will be expected to submit at least two (2) reviews a month of 700-1,000 words.

Feature pieces are in excess of 1,200 words and look at a particular artist, genre, trend or happening within the comics world. They also look at the intersection between comics and other cultural forms such as music, film, TV, multimedia, fashion, and politics. These pieces can include artist interviews and profiles of an exceeding smart and critical nature.

Blog posts run anywhere from 100 words to 1,000 and cover a wide range of topics and ideas.

To be considered for submission, please email a brief personal bio and two (2) sample reviews to:

Note: we are unable to pay you monetarily at this time. But you would not go uncompensated in some form; your 'pay', as it were, is the privilege of publishing with this reputable magazine, wherein you are rewarded with this platform to broaden your readership, currently over 1 million unique readers per month, and counting.

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