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PopMatters Seeks Writers for the Multimedia Section

We're currently seeking writers with a passion for computer and video games, as well as writers with an interest in multimedia art and podcasts.

Writers are expected to submit at least one review every three weeks, and they should be between 800 and 1,500 words. Writing for PopMatters gives you a chance to showcase your talent to an international, media-savvy audience of more than 1 million readers a month.

Video Games:

Issues of gameplay should not be the thrust. Instead, critics are expected to have a broad knowledge of video games as a culture, with their tie-ins to other forms of pop culture and the impact they have on society as a whole.

Sweeping stories, immaculate art, and stunning full-video cut scenes, all once considered impossible in video games, are worth consideration. Other topics to carefully examine would be linear versus nonlinear storytelling, the ongoing console war and the effect it has on consumers, attorney Jack Thompson's battle with video game violence, racial and social stereotyping, etc.

Podcasts and Internet Media:

The appeal of podcasts is that now anyone can record their views for everyone to consume, but what of the lack of censors, producers, and know how? A look at how news is presented, when compared to CNN, NPR, and local stations, should be scrutinized. Some podcasters have begun to charge for downloads. Will this fly? Are people willing to pay for digital news and reviews?

The internet has also become something of a virtual screening room on which original films, literature, and even art installations are premiered. Exploration of internet premieres and the effect they have on traditionally-printed media outlets is also a welcome topic of discussion.

For Multimedia Reviewer Consideration:

Please send an e-mail describing your background, along with two recent multimedia-related writing samples that are each at least 800 words, and a 800-1,500 word review of a new video game, podcast, or multimedia installation of your choosing that would be your first published PopMatters piece if you are accepted, to:

We need all three pieces before we can consider your application.

Director Spotlight: Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock helped to create the modern horror genre, the modern thriller, and the modern black comedy. He changed film, even as he was inventing new ways to approach it. Stay tuned through October as we present our collection of essays on the Master of Suspense.


'Psycho': The Mother of All Horrors

Psycho stands out not only for being one of Alfred Hitchcock's greatest films, it is also one of his most influential. It has been a template and source material for an almost endless succession of later horror films, making it appropriate to identify it as the mother of all horror films.

Francesc Quilis

The City Beneath: A Century of Los Angeles Graffiti (By the Book)

With discussions of characters like Leon Ray Livingston (a.k.a. "A-No. 1"), credited with consolidating the entire system of hobo communication in the 1910s, and Kathy Zuckerman, better known as the surf icon "Gidget", Susan A. Phillips' lavishly illustrated The City Beneath: A Century of Los Angeles Graffiti, excerpted here from Yale University Press, tells stories of small moments that collectively build into broad statements about power, memory, landscape, and history itself.

Susan A. Phillips

The 10 Best Indie Pop Albums of 2009

Indie pop in 2009 was about all young energy and autumnal melancholy, about the rush you feel when you first hear an exciting new band, and the bittersweet feeling you get when your favorite band calls it quits.

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