Posh Hammer Explores What It Means "To Kill Time" (premiere)

Photo: Saindlin Gaither / Courtesy of Transmission Publicity

Brother/sister synthpop duo Posh Hammer meld visual with aural in their extended music/film project, "To Kill Time".

"To Kill Time" is the latest single from Iranian-American synthpop duo Posh Hammer. The Asheville, North Carolina outfit is comprised of Navied Setayesh (20, production) and his 19 year-old sister Tasnim (vocals). They will release the EP, Dancing in Place on 19 October and have a created a cinematic short film that corresponds with each of the EP's songs.

Material from that project has already won the Van Gogh Award at the 2018 Amsterdam Film Festival, and snagged a selection at the 2018 Richmond International Film Festival.

Speaking about the project, Navied said, "It was the last song we finished for the project. We wanted to feel like waiting around for someone and stalking them on social media. That's the trap Tasnim's character falls into in the video."

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