Postcards From Jeff: Modern Language

Postcards From Jeff’s debut LP offers lovely, vaguely cinematic instrumentals tainted by tonally challenged singing.

Postcards From Jeff

Modern Language

Label: Alien Boutique
US Release Date: 2015-10-23
UK Release Date: 2015-10-23

There’s a vague sense of familiarity within the music of Postcards From Jeff. On their debut LP Modern Language, the Manchester-based project creates a sort of spectral, cinematic singer-songwriter fare that carries with it a sense of ‘80s-leaning nostalgia and that of warm summer days. It’s not entirely unlike what a number of other bands are doing these days, but like Travis a generation before them, they do so in a largely harmless, pleasant manner.

But vocally, Joss Worthington is all over the map. On “Japanese Man O’ War” he noticeably sails above the pitch on several occasions to the point of cringe-worthiness. Throughout, his raspy, limited range proves the weakest element of the Postcards From Jeff sound. Because of this, Modern Language is a bit of a difficult listen which is unfortunate as the music itself is overall quite pleasant and well structured. If you can look past Worthington’s vocal shortcomings, Modern Language offers much to enjoy.


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