The Pressure Kids Tell the Tale of "No Land Left in Hollywood" (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
Photo: Sydney Whitten / Courtesy of the artist

Nashville's the Pressure Kids deliver a pop ballad that's perfectly elliptical and deeply understated.

Nashville's the Pressure Kids issue a brand-new EP, The Pressure Kids: Vol.2, on 6 December 2019. In anticipation, the group share "No Land Left in Hollywood", a meditative track that built around Nick Johnston's emotionally-charged and understated vocal performance. Like the rest of the tune, the song's final moments are elliptical, unresolved and true to life. A seeming fragment that speaks louder than the most voluminous tomes.

Johnston says, "For the most part, Pressure Kids songs are written over a long period of time. Stuff gets tweaked and stretched and edited during soundchecks, basement jams, live shows. 'No Land Left in Hollywood', however, came out in one hot breath. I've always been a fan of records that ended with a sigh, and this song felt like the perfect punctuation for this thing we were making. It is our midnight reverie, our closing ballad for the caught-up, a hymn for when there is no vacancy in the city of dreams."

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