The PopMatters Progcast Discusses Highs of 2017 and Hopes for 2018

In this episode of the PopMatters Progcast, we reflect on our top albums of 2017, as well as discuss some of the major releases arriving this year.

As discussed in our "Best Progressive Rock and Metal of 2017" piece, there were plenty of wonderful releases from both genre favorites and up-and-comers last year; likewise, 2018 is shaping up to include many more incredible LPs from from today's top acts (including the long anticipated fifth studio album from Tool).

In this episode of the PopMatters Progcast, genre devotees Jedd Beaudoin and Jordan Blum discuss the records that stuck with them most in 2017, the ones that they can't wait to hear in 2018, and much more. As always, you're welcome to tell us how our choices compare to yours in the comment section below; also, feel free to email us with any feedback at [email protected].

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