Quentin Sauvé Embraces the Healing Power of Love in New Music Video (premiere)

Photo: Florian Renault

Quentin Sauvé veers from his hardcore roots with his new single, "Love Is Home", which mesmerizes with its reflective layers of sound and a heartwarming message.

Although he is best known for his bass efforts in the hardcore band Birds in Row, Quentin Sauvé's solo effort marches to the beat of a softer drum. It's not the first time an artist known for a more indelicate musical disposition has veered towards something far different for a new project; Dallas Green notably shifted from Alexisonfire to develop City and Colour, for instance. Albeit, where Green moves into sweet folk melodies, Sauvé taps into textured guitar-centric arrangements still within the realm of post-rock, though approached from an entirely separate angle than his hardcore roots.

The release of Sauvé's new single, "Love Is Home", predates the release of his forthcoming solo debut, Whatever It Takes. Featuring cinematography by director Ananda Safo and camera operator Sofian Hamadaïne-Guest, its accompanying music video showcases a series of reflective slice-of-life snapshots reminiscent of the song's healing message. Its gentle, layered production melds well with an inspiriting message wherein Sauvé aims to hit an emotional plane with his listeners, as a reminder to keep on persevering.

Whatever It Takes is set for release on 1 February.

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