Quiet Hollers - "Aviator Shades" (video) (premiere)

The Louisville band continue to mesh Americana and post-hardcore on their new track.

After making a name for himself as a punk rock guitarist, most notably for Dischord records band Iron Cross, Shadwick Wilde moved to Louisville, Kentucky and formed Quiet Hollers. Much like the way fellow Louisville band Coliseum meld different genres, Wilde incorporates Americana and classic indie rock with a strong post-hardcore influence, which makes for a wonderfully unique sound. The band's second album Quiet Hollers is set to be released on 23 october, but in the meantime you can get a great little taste of the record via the fun new video for "Aviator Shades".

"The video for 'Aviator Shades' is made in the image of a kind of 90's sitcom gone awry," Wilde explains. "The swinging overhead lamp, the hanging picture frames, over-the-top grooving... all being swallowed up by a black sludge. We knew we didn't want to do a 'serious' video, but that we didn't want it to be overtly funny either. Like the lyrics, I think the video conveys feelings of social anxiety and being out of place. The catchiness of the song, the melody which seems at first to be peppy and innocuous, actually contains something far more sinister-- like most of '90s pop culture, am I right?

"I don't think a listener would have to reach far to grasp the metaphor of sunglasses as a protective mask against the outside world. In this case, the song's protagonist wants to shield his blood-shot stoner eyeballs from the judgments of the people who see him at the grocery store. This becomes a ritual, as he retreats further and further inward, forsaking his loved ones and responsibilities in favor of the anonymity he feels his eyewear grants him.”

Pre-order Quiet Hollers here.

And be sure to catch the band on tour this fall:

10/23 - Philadelphia, PA - Ortlieb’s

10/24 - Lancaster, PA - Tellus360

10/25 - New York, NY - Rockwood Music Hall

10/26 - Brooklyn, NY - The Living Room (9pm)

11/27 - Chicago, IL - Quenchers

11/28 - Newport KY - Southgate House Revival

12/4 - St Louis, MO - Heavy Anchor

12/5 - Nashville, TN - The Basement

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