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QUIX Shares New Single, “Giving Up” and Announces Illusions EP + Fall Tour (premiere)

"Giving Up" is an enormous, yet sophisticated club hit in waiting that whets the appetite perfectly for QUIX's Illusions EP and fall tour.

After a summer spent sending throngs of sweaty festivals goers into fits of euphoric rapture, New Zealand DJ and producer QUIX is gearing up for a hectic autumn. As well as releasing his eagerly anticipated new single “Giving Up”, he is also set to drop his superb Illusions EP, and embark on a huge American tour.

“Giving Up” starts calmly enough as QUIX keeps things simple, allowing Jaden Michaels’ powerful vocals to seduce the listener artfully. It isn’t long though before the track takes off with clattering beats and spinning synths. It soon morphs into the kind of monolithic, dance tune that systematically takes the dancefloor apart brick by brick before QUIX throws in a drop that blows the roof clean off.

However, this is far more than just a cliche EDM banger. QUIX continually layers sounds with surgical precision. Weaving in a looped panpipe sample, snapping percussion and deep, throbbing beats, he changes up and down through the gears before burning out the transmission completely with buzzing, trap beats, and jarring house synths.

As the song threatens to collapse in on itself in a jagged flurry of electronics, the music falls away to an almost ghostly whisper, leaving the way clear for Michaels to demonstrate her incredible vocal range. “Giving Up” is an enormous, yet sophisticated club hit in waiting that whets the appetite perfectly for QUIX’s Illusions EP and fall tour.


Fri-Oct-26 – Seattle, WA – Freaknight Halloween Festival
Sat-Oct-27 – San Bernardino, CA – Escape Halloween Festival
Thu-Nov-08 – Winnipeg, MB – OV Club
Fri-Nov-09 – Vancouver, BC – Celebrities (Birthday Event)
Wed-Nov-14 – Orlando, FL – Celine
Thu-Nov-15 – Washington, DC – Soundcheck
Fri-Nov-16 – Pontiac, MI – Elektricity
Sat-Nov-17 – Kansas City, MO – Aura KC
Wed-Nov-21 – Clearwater, FL – Shephard’s Beach)
Fri-Nov-23 – Minneapolis, MN – Loft at Skyway Theatre
Sat-Nov-24 – Atlantic City, NJ – Premier at The Borgata
Wed-Nov-28 – Salt Lake City, UT – Energi Wednesdays at Sky
Fri-Nov-30 – Los Angeles, CA – Academy Nightclub
Sat-Dec-01 – Denver, CO – Temple Denver
Sat-Dec-08 – Atlanta, GA – Believe Nightclub
Fri-Dec-28 – Dallas, TX – Lights All Night Festival

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