r e l - "Gooey" (video) (premiere)

The Glass Animals track is given a sultry makeover by the young LA artist.

Twenty-year-old Los Angeles singer-songwriter r e l released her self-titled debut EP earlier this year, and to follow that up she's recorded a terrific electropop cover of "Gooey", the hit 2014 single by UK indie pop darlings Glass Animals. She's just completed a video for the track.

"The song inspired me; it's mysterious, magical, "sticky," in the words of the artists. I watched a live performance Glass Animals did of the song and when they were asked about the words, they said it was a song where the lyrics came after–as in, they wrote the lyrics to match the feel of the song. I love that idea, it enables the song to take on different meaning for different listeners. I collaborated with a remarkably talented friend, Jillian Dudley, on the visuals. We ordered these supercool 70s-esque rainbow beads to hang from a doorway and I knew which outfits I wanted and the visuals came about in a really fluid, building-blocks way."

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