R.E.M.'s Unreleased Demo of "Feeling Gravity's Pull"

R.E.M.’s 1985 album Fables of the Reconstruction has been remastered and will reissued on July 13th on Capitol and I.R.S. It's been 25 years since this sometimes under appreciated record appeared. The 25th Anniversary edition will feature remastered versions of the album’s original 11 tracks, and a second disc of 14 demos. These demos include versions of the original 11 plus several other songs such as demos of "Hyena" and "Bandwagon" and a song entitled "Throw Those Trolls Away". Here's a stream of the demo version of the album's opening track, "Feeling Gravity's Pull". Track list after the jump.

Disc One: digitally remastered original album

01 Feeling Gravity’s Pull

02 Maps and Legends

03 Driver 8

04 Life and How to Live It

05 Old Man Kensey

06 Can’t Get There From Here

07 Green Grow the Rushes

08 Kohoutek

09 Auctioneer (Another Engine)

10 Good Advices

11 Wendell Gee

Disc Two: “The Athens Demos”

01 Auctioneer (Another Engine) [demo version]

02 Bandwagon [demo version] [final version was B-side to “Can't Get There From Here”]

03 Can’t Get There From Here [demo version]

04 Driver 8 [demo version]

05 Feeling Gravity’s Pull [demo version]

06 Good Advices [demo version]

07 Green Grow the Rushes [demo version]

08 Hyena [demo version] [album version appeared on Life’s Rich Pageant]

09 Kohoutek [demo version]

10 Life and How to Live It [demo version]

11 Maps and Legends [demo version]

12 Old Man Kensey [demo version]

13 Throw Those Trolls Away [demo version] [previously unreleased]

14 Wendell Gee [demo version]

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