Rabit – “Snow Leopard” (Singles Going Steady)

Everything on Rabit's "Snow Leopard" is deliberate, like a great cat stalking its prey in the woods.

Kevin Korber: Rabit kicked the doors down with “Pandemic,” so it’s inevitable that “Snow Leopard” would sound a bit softer in comparison. Not by much, though; this gets as harsh as grime can get, but the aggression is contemplated. The percussion is measured for effect, arriving at its loudest when Rabit knows it’ll have the most impact. Everything on “Snow Leopard” is deliberate, like a great cat stalking its prey in the woods. Just as with any predator, it’s gone before you realize, and you’re left in a completely different state from where you began. [8/10]

John Bergstrom: It starts off glitchy/creepy and ends off glitchy/creepy. In the middle, it’s glitchy/creepy. The not-so-creepy part is you’ve heard this sort of thing before, and for a couple decades now. [4/10]

Dustin Ragucos: The asphalt is being scraped by snow and a lethargic shovel, at least, that’s how it feels like. Apart from that, nothing on “Snow Leopard” is icy, menacing, or fast. It’s not a song that forces you to trudge. [4/10]


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