Rachael Sage - "Hanukkah in the Village" (video) (premiere)

The singer-songwriter serves up a gorgeous new Hanukkah song, and a lyric video that's just as pretty.

Singer-songwriter Rachael Sage has just released a new single called "Hanukkah in the Village", which not only celebrates the Jewish holiday but playfully offers a fun glimpse of her Greenwich Village neighbourhood. Even better, she's put together an absolutely gorgeous lyric video featuring a dazzling array of antiques and creatively designed menorahs.

"I've lived in the East Village most of my life, and have a special fondness for the eclectic way that my creative peers celebrate the holidays downtown," she tells PopMatters. "It was fun to be able to feature not only my favorite festive designer Patricia Field in the lyrics, but to also highlight various aspects of my ever-evolving neighborhood in a tongue-in-cheek way."

"Hanukkah in the Village" is available on iTunes.

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