Rachael Sage Shares Fan-Generated Wonder in Music Video for "Spark" (premiere)

Photo: Erin Baiano / Girlie Action

Fans of singer-songwriter Rachael Sage ignite wonder with the music video for her acoustic reworking of "Spark".

In a move opposite to Conor Oberst's Ruminations and Salutations, singer-songwriter Rachael Sage is stripping down the resplendent arrangements of her previous release, Myopia, into a collection of acoustic renditions called PseudoMyopia. Due out 22 March, PseudoMyopia is poised to be another lens through which Sage views the concept of vision in all of its forms and designs. "Spark", for instance, is an inspiriting song about the initial ignition one feels in their gut when trying something or meeting someone exciting and new. Encapsulating love, friendship, and creativity all in one, the music video accompaniment for Sage's acoustic reworking of "Spark" features leagues of fans coming together in artistic harmony.

On the song that inspired the heartening montage, Sage says, "'Spark' is a song about that magical moment when someone or something brand new and inspiring captures your attention and draws you in...when anticipation is still the dominant emotion, and you can't help but be honest because the eagerness to connect is so strong. Basically, in this song, I'm trying to capture the essence of passion we all feel during those magical moments of humanity before walls have had a chance to build or expectations and doubts have taken hold – when everything feels absolutely authentic, exciting, vulnerable and inevitable."

Prior to PseudoMyopia's release, Sage and the Sequins will be performing at SXSW in Austin, TX. More information can be found on her Facebook page.

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