Raiza Biza's "Trouble" Highlights Sociopolitical Struggles (premiere)

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Joining forces with Oddisee and Zenyth on "Trouble", New Zealand hip-hopper Raiza Biza asks, "Who is going to save humanity from itself?"

Last October, Raiza Biza released his latest album, Bygones. Driven by an emotional analysis of humankind and the way that we interact with the world, the New Zealand rapper backs up his soul-influenced hip-hop with a socially conscious core. Teaming up with Sudanese-American artist Oddisee and Jamaican dancehall artist Zenyth, Biza stunned with the release of Bygones' closing track, "Trouble". Thematically, it's a look into the ebb and flow of the world through sociopolitical highs and lows. Its brand new lyric video sets a spotlight on its hard-hitting message.

Biza reflects, "The more things change, they stay the same. It's an old cliche, but when I make records like these, I am reminded of how true that is. The story of the diaspora is something I always go back to, so being able to get Oddisee on the track, who is very familiar with this was the perfect way to finish this track off."


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