Rampton Prom 2021
Photo: Amanda Tromp / Courtesy of the artist

Electropop’s Rampton Prom Say “Give Me Something”

On “Give Me Something”, electropop’s Rampton Prom fully embrace their hip-hop influences, with synth-based grooves.

The UK’s Rampton Prom are a new trio blending alternative pop and electropop with hip-hop. Blasting out of the gate with the 2020 single, “Too Baby”, BBC Radio’s Steve Lamacq praised the debut song. Early this year, we featured the group‘s second single, “Little Things”, on the PopMatters Picks playlist. It features a nearly perfect pop melody that’s instantly memorable alongside bubbling, upbeat synths.

For their latest track, “Give Me Something”, Rampton Prom fully embrace their hip-hop influences, dialing down the synths just a bit for a song with more grooves. The song begins with gentle beats that become more urgent as “Give Me Something” proceeds. Rampton Prom display their ability to create subtler hooks backed with complex rhythms.

Hear “Give Me Something” on the PopMatters Picks Spotify playlist.