Ravens and Chimes Give "Big Ups" Via New Single (premiere)

Photo: Ryan Muir

With deeply melodic guitar lines and an infectious lyrical hook, Ravens and Chimes' "Big Ups" is ultimately a feel-good song that doesn't make you feel bad for having a good time.

"Big Ups" is the new tracked culled from The Empty House, the third LP by Ravens and Chimes due out in February via Better Looking Records. Produced by Kevin McMahon, (Titus Andronicus, Real Estate, the Walkmen), the record is a meditation on change, loss and much more, albeit with a leaner sound. With deeply melodic guitar lines, an infectious lyrical hook, and a buoyancy that belies the pain and mistakes chronicled in the lyrics, "Big Ups" is ultimately a feel-good song that doesn't make you feel bad for having a good time.

The group's Asher Lack says, "Before we started writing this record, I spent a lot of time thinking about what making music really meant to me, and taking stock of how those feelings had changed since we started the band. Every time we reached a goal (selling out shows, headlining tours, playing festivals in Europe), the reality turned out to be nothing like what I had imagined." He continues, "There were so many benchmarks of what I thought it meant to be successful as a musician that ended up not meaning as much as I thought they would. The biggest positive that came out of considering the difference between expectations and experience was that it prompted me to think a lot about what it meant to be a success. I wrote this song to stay upbeat about finding the things that are important (friends, family, good work) and not letting the static get in the way. It's a lot to ask of a song, but I'm happy with how it turned out and it's one of the rare times when the music came out better than it was in my head!"

Formed in 2005, Ravens and Chimes have toured 13 countries and scored a Top 30 hit in Germany. The Empty House had a three-year gestation period, but longtime fans will find plenty to rejoice in with its arrival as will those who are just coming around to the band.

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